Not sure what to pack for your hunt?


When traveling overseas, its often tempting to overpack so its good to have a guideline that's appropriate for weather and hunt conditions at your destination.  In New Zealand, although a temperate climate, weather patterns can be unpredictable - occasionally it seems we experience four seasons in one day because it can rain at anytime of year.  The great thing is that New Zealand does not experience the extreme cold temperatures of East Coast USA and other parts of North America.

As always, the best way to dress for the outdoors is with layers - meaning a reduction in heavy and bulky items which is good news when it comes to baggage limits.  Even if your hunt is planned for late summer or early fall, we do recommend you bring one full set of warm hunting clothes including some form of thermal underwear.  It's also easy to visit the local stores for any items you don't have already, New Zealand makes superb merino under garments.  What's more - we also sell top quality hunting jackets in camp, which are made locally.

Here's our suggested list for what you should pack

1 warm hunting jacket

2 pair hunting pants - light to medium weight

2 shirts - one light and one medium weight

3 pair woolen socks 

2  pair of base layer shorts

2 silk or thermal base layer tops 

1 pair thermal underwear

1 rainproof set - jacket and pants

1 hat

1 pair gloves

One pair hunting boots (clean, and well broken in)

Small day pack


Binoculars (8 or 10 power is ideal, our guides carry spotting scopes)




Plug adapter for any electronic equipment you may bring - New Zealand as a 220v system

Medicines - remember to bring enough medication for 4 extra days in case of travel delays.

If you wear glasses - its also a good idea to bring a spare pair or contacts, packed in your cabin baggage



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